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1) The International Institute of Law and Business (INIDEM Business Law School) develops training programs directed to the 21 st century legal  advisors through the adoption of the best practices from law schools and business schools from all around the world.

2) The International Institute of Law and Business (INIDEM Business Law School) is adopting the best practices from law schools and business  schools from all over the world, with the aim to develop training programs directed to the legal advisors from the 21 st century companies.


The Masters Programs of INIDEM Business Law School are designed in an executive format that are compatible with the professionals’ responsibilities; it combines face periods (Panama City, Miami and Santiago de Chile) that take place every 3 months, with online periods.

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The continuous training programs that we offers are directed to Latin-American lawyers, law firm’s members, or in-house legal departments operating in the region. Also, to professionals with other specializations that are interested in knowing legal issues that are affecting their activity as administrators, managers or HR managers on law firms.

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INIDEM Business Law School hopes to contribute in the training of law firms and legal departments, therefore offers programs focused on the needs of each firm in order to improve the internal talent. These programs are exclusively designed by the measure of the company.

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Luis Medrano Steele

It has been all an experience in a professional level

It didn’t take me more than a week to make a decision, I enrolled and began to take online courses since 2014, without doubt it has been all an experience in a professional level.

Rita Grimaldo

Extremely pleased with the courses

I am extremely pleased with the courses. The activities are oriented to main subjects that will be very useful in the professional practice. The professors are experts in the matter that they teach.

Prof. Andrew Sherman

Is an honor to me be a part of the professors team

The INIDEM team is basing the future legal education by organizing practical and focused programs taught by truly international professors. Is an honor to me be a part of the professors team.

Javier Castro

It had been an interesting experience

We would like to share the pleasant experience that we had in INIDEM, it had gave us the Master of Laws in Management, and it had been an interesting experience, an experience that has allowed us expand our knowledge.

Juan José Planas

My Experience had been enriching

My experience in INIDEM had been enriching. INIDEM has an international projection with high level professors and student from different countries.