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Continuing Education


INIDEM Business Law School Continuing Education programs are aimed at Latin American lawyers, members of firms or internal legal departments of companies operating in the region. Also, to professionals from other areas interested in knowing legal aspects that affect their activity as administrators, directors or human resources managers of legal firms. The offer is divided into Diplomas (120 hours), Specializations (60 hours), Modules (24 hours) and Courses (12 hours).

The courses, taught by leading partners of firms and professors of recognized universities in 12 different countries, allow updating, deepening and developing knowledge and skills in business law, administration and professional skills with an international and practical approach.

Approved courses are creditable to LL.M. of INIDEM.

Continuing Education Programs

Diploma Course

Corporate Legal Advice

Academic Program with 10 credits for those who enrolled and passed satisfactorily the Specialization in International Business Law Practice and the Specialization in Law and Corporate Finances.

MBA Core Program for Lawyers

The MBA Core Program for Lawyers provides management tools for the management of firms and legal departments. At the same time, it provides lawyers with business insight for the best understanding and advice for their clients.

Taught in virtual modes, it includes Marketing, Talent Management, Accounting, Finance and Strategy courses.

Postgraduates Specialization

Specialization Program: Law and Corporate Finance

Our Specialization in Law and Corporate Finance gives to our participants the needed skills for the updating and improvement of them as Corporate Legal Advisors or Banking Legal Advisors. It deepens in the study of legal banking contracts, securities markets and related. At the same time, it provides to the lawyer a world vision of the Financial System and World Stock Market exercise, training for the international complex dealings advice.

The financial training is complemented with intensives courses of corporate law, corporate compliance and negotiations.


Corporate Governance
Corporate Law and finance
Corporate compliance
Stock Market and Derivatives


Modality: Classroom, Panama City, Panama.
Date: June, 2021
Enrollment: U$5,200


Law firm Management
Legal Marketing
Law Practice Management
Leadership and Change Management
Time Management


Modality: Classroom, Miami, FL. USA.
Date: November, 2020
Enrollment: U$5,200

Specialization Program: Legal Management

Our Specialization in Law Practice Management is a postgraduate of 60 teaching hours that are taught in Panama during February of every year, it provides skills for the management of law firms and legal departments.

It is directed to law firms´ Associates that aspire to be Partners, the Partners that want to learn current trends in firms´ management, Legal Managers or who are in charge of In House Legal Departments, and the Firms´ Managers or Personnel Managers. Analyzes issues related to internal management applying marketing strategies, management of human resources and business administration for a proper company control. The subjects include internal human management and internal finances management, also the relationship with clients.

Specialization Program: International Business Law Practice

Our Specialization in International Business Law Practice is a postgraduate of 60 teaching hours that are taught in Miami during May of every year, it is oriented to strengthen the skills for the lawyer that is working on multinational legal teams and must advice about international operations. It includes the study in an international view of contracts and arbitration. It also retakes the main characteristics of the US Legal System, and skills that the 21st century lawyer must have.


International contracts
International dispute resolution
Legal Writing
Law and Business
The lawyer as a business Advisor


Modality: Classroom, Panama city, Panama.
Date: February 2021
Enrollment: U$5,200


Corporate Practice

Our Module in Corporate Practice is taught in the month of August and is part of the Specialization in Law and Corporate Finance; completes the business lawyer training with intensives courses of Law and Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Corporate Compliance, topical subjects and utilities for the corporate lawyer in the 21st century.

Banking and Financial Practice

Our module in Banking and Financial Practice is taught in the month of August and is part of the Specialization in Law and Corporate Finance; deepens in the study of the Financial System, with a special focus on the banking contracts operation and related matters.

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